Zoom Session Files

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Excel Beginners 1
Excel Beginners 2

Excel Formatting 2: Conditional Formatting and Tables

Excel Formatting 2: Conditional Formatting and Tables

Excel Charts 1: Create and Format
Excel Charts 2: Customize

Excel Printing Problems

Pandora’s Favorite Shortcuts


Excel Data 1: Sorting and Filtering

Excel Data 2: Advanced Filter and Basic PivotTables

Excel Data 3: PivotTables

Excel Data 4: Text Files, Text to Columns, and Flash Fill

Excel Data 5: Substitution List vLookups/PivotTables

Excel Data 6: Pivot Charts, Slicers, and Dashboards


Excel Math 3: Logic and If Statements

Excel Math 4: vLookup Statements

Excel Math 5: vLookup Statements

Excel Date and Time Math


Access Basics 3: Working with Multiple Tables

Access Queries 1: Select Queries & Criteria

Access Queries 2 – Math & Crosstabs

Access Queries 3 – Action Queries

Access Tables 1 – Properties

Access Tables 3 – Importing from Excel

Access Forms 1 – Building a Form

Access Reports 1 – Building a Report


Word for Beginners

Word Fonts

Word Paragraphs

Word Styles and Automatic Table of Contents

Word Lists: Bulleted, Numbered, and Outlined

Word Tables 1: Tabs, Columns, and Intro to Tables

Word Tables 2: Large Tables and Table Formatting

Word Working with Images

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PowerPoint Basics

PowerPoint Animations and Transitions

PowerPoint Interactive