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Word for Beginners
Introduction to Word. Parts of the Window, Vocabulary, Moving Around, Basic Formatting, Spell Check, Page Numbering, Find and Replace, Inserting Pictures.

Word Formatting Fonts
Basic Font Formats, Advanced Font Formats, Text Effects, Drop Cap, and Special (/ˈspeSHəl/) Symbols
Word Formatting Paragraphs
Alignments, Indents, Spacing, Using the Ruler, Borders

Word Tables 1: Tabs, Columns, and Intro to Tables
Tab Stops, Dot Leaders, Document Columns, Selection Columns, Column and Section Breaks, Create and Format Simple Tables
Word Tables 2: Table Structures, Large Tables, Converting
Sort, Align Decimals, Using a Sum Formula , Large Tables, Gridlines, AutoFit, Repeat Headers, Convert Tables to Text and Text to Tables, Wrapping Text

Word Styles and Automatic Table of Contents
Create and Modify Styles; Working with the Navigation Pane; Create and Modify Automatic Table of Contents

Word Working with Images
Text Wrapping, Anchoring to Text, Locking Positions, and Cropping

Word Lists: Bullets, Numbers, and Outlines
Paragraph Indents, Spacing, Custom and Automatic Bullets, restarting Numbering, Multi-level Outlines, Organizing, Customize

Word Basic Shortcuts
Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts, Navigating and Formatting Tricks

Word Mail Merge 1: Letters, Labels, Directories
Setting up Data Source, Creating Main Document – Address Blocks, Greeting Lines, Sorting. Merging Data Source and Main Document to create final product.
Word Mail Merge 2: Formatting (Switches), Emails
Switches to custom format numbers, text, and dates in a Word Mail Merge. Using Word to merge multiple customized emails.