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Excel for Beginners 1
Introduction to Excel. Parts of the Window, Vocabulary, Moving Around, Basic Formatting, and Creating a Chart
Excel for Beginners 2 (Math)
Review Part 1 – Moving Around, Basic Formatting, and Charts. Building Equations and using AutoSum

Excel Basic Shortcuts
Shortcuts, Navigating and Formatting Tricks. Ribbon, QuickAccess Toolbar, Select Arrows vs Enter and Tabs, Format Painter, Fill Handle Options

Excel Formatting: Fonts, Alignments and Numbers
Font Styles, Format Painter, Merge and Center, Wrap Text, Shrink to Fit, Decimals, Custom Number Formats

Excel Printing Problems
Page Setup Options, Page Breaks, Page Break Preview, Hints for Formatting Tricks to Create more Professional Printouts or PDFs

Excel Conditional Formatting and Tables
Conditional Formatting for Duplicates, Values, and Past Dates. Formatted Tables, Add and Remove Data, Table Math, and Protecting Worksheets
Excel Advanced Conditional Formatting (Using Formulas)
Heat Maps, Formatting with Absolute vs Relative Formulas, Sparklines, Alternating Rows, Exception Rules, Dashboards, and Data Entry Forms

Excel Charts 1: Create and Format
Building Column Charts, Exploring the Chart Tool Tabs : Chart Elements, Layouts, Selecting Data, Moving to a New Sheet, Formatting Different Parts of the Chart
Excel Charts 2: Customize
Adjusting Data Sources, Line Charts, Pie Charts, Working with Multiple Charts at the same time, Adjusting the Axis, Adding a Secondary Axis

Excel Dashboard: Linking Worksheets
Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks, Linking Cells in Sheets, a Workbook, and across files, Summary Page Totaling Worksheets

Excel Basic Macros
Macros help automate repetitive task. Create, Modify, and Edit Macros. Make keyboard shortcuts and buttons to run macros. Discuss Personal Macro Workbook and Relative Reference.