Excel Math

If you have issues downloading the ZIP files, you can download the files here: https://training.health.ufl.edu/zoom/zoom-files. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us – training@health.ufl.edu.

Excel Math 1: Basic Math Formulas
Filling Patterns, Basic Math, Absolute vs Relative, AutoSum
Excel Math 2: Naming and Functions
Building Basic Functions and Working with Named Cells and Ranges. Math 1 or equivalent recommended.
Excel Math 3: Logic and If Statements
Understanding the Structure of IF statements, and nested IF statements. Math 1 or equivalent recommended.
Excel Math 4: vLookup
Understand vLookup functions, Create Data Validation Lists, Using Named Ranges, IF( ), ISNA( ), IFNA( ). Math 2 or equivalent recommended.
Excel Math 5: More Logic – CountIf(), SumIf(), Ifs()
Review IF( ) function, Learn the structure and uses of IFS, CountIf, SumIf, and SumIfs. Math 3 or equivalent recommended.
Excel Date and Time Math
Working with Dates and Times in Excel – Formatting, Shortcuts, Patterns, Formulas, and Functions. Experience with building equations in Excel required.