I recommend doing the Basics 1, 2, 3 for a solid foundation. The other sessions stand alone and can be taken in any order. They are numbered in order of difficulty. If you have issues downloading the ZIP files, you can download the Access files here:  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us –

      BASICS – How to plan and build an Access database

Access Basics 1: Planning and building a table

Intro to Access and basic rules of a relational databases. Plan and build an Access database with one table.

Access Basics 2: Create Simple Queries, Forms, and Reports

Recreate the table planned in Basics 1, and create a query, form, and two reports based on our table.

Access Basics 3: Working with Multiple Tables

Continuation of Basics 2. Plan and build a related table. Lookups (combo boxes) from lists and from another table. Build a query and a form based on both tables.

      TABLES – Foundation of your database, where it all begins…

Access Tables: Properties

Modify the table properties. Field size, formats, captions, input masks, default values, and more.

Access Tables: Auto-Create & Auto-Update Date Fields

Create a table and set the default value for the create date, and a table macro for the Update date.

Access Tables: Importing from Excel

Tips and tricks to ready an Excel file to be imported into Access. Link and Import Excel files into a new Database. Dealing with common errors.

Access Tables: Lookups using Tables and Queries

Create Drop-down/Combo Box/Lookup lists in the table. From a List, From a Table, From a Query.

      QUERIES – Filter, Summarize, and Analyze

Access Queries: Select Queries & Criteria

Basic queries – understanding Sort Orders, Criteria, and Missing Parameter queries.

Access Queries – Math & Crosstabs

Intermediate queries – building Expressions, using Totals, and Crosstab queries.

Access Queries – Action Queries

Advanced queries – Make Table, Update, Delete, and Append queries.

      FORMS – Data Entry, Search, and Navigate

Access Forms: Building a Form

Create forms using the instant Forms, the Form Wizard, and “from scratch”.

Access Forms: SubForms and Menus

Create forms linking two tables and create menus to open forms.

Access Forms: Filter from Form Values

*recommend viewing “Tables-Lookups…” before this session. Create a menu (form) where you can choose or enter values/dates, and run a report based on those values. Need to know how to build a basic Table, Query, Form, and Report.


      REPORTS – Organize and Present Data

Access Reports: Building a Report

Create Reports using the instant reports, the Report Wizard, and “from scratch”.