UFIT Training

UFIT Training provides training aimed at enabling IT skills that accelerate academic and career goals, and common areas of in-person instruction. Below are some of the most popular classes, for a full listing please visit https://training.it.ufl.edu.

Unless listed as an online or webinar via Zoom class, the workshops listed here will be held on the Gainesville campus in HUB221 (1765 Stadium Road).

Please contact ufit-training@ufl.edu for any questions about the workshops on this page.


Accessibility UX (2 hrs)

As a content creator, don’t let accessibility be an afterthought! Join us for a review of the WCAG standards and an active learning experience as we put our mouse aside to explore common keyboard shortcuts and how to test content for keyboard accessibility and navigation. In addition, we will experience how JAWS can be helpful in navigating and reading web pages.

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Cyber Security @UF (2 hrs)

With cyber security threats on the rise and hacker attacks occurring every 39 seconds, no one’s data is safe! At the University of Florida, security is a shared responsibility. Learn strategies that will help you identify prevalent and sophisticated cyber threats and protect your identity, your workstation, and UF data and personal computers.

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Qualtrics @UF Part 1- Getting Started (F2F: 2 hrs; Webinar: 2.5 hrs)

Learn to create, edit, distribute and manage reports using Qualtrics, UF’s centrally-supported survey tool. To earn a Qualtrics Certificate participants are required to attend both Getting Started and Beyond the Basics, and complete a project in each course.
The first in a two-part series in this workshop participants will learn how to create and edit a basic survey, when and how to utilize Page Break and Block, and how to effectively distribute surveys, view results and finally manage reports. Participants will have an opportunity to practice through hands-on activities throughout the class.

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Qualtrics @UF Part 2 – Beyond the Basics (F2F: 1.5 hrs; Webinar: 2 hrs)

Learn to use Qualtrics advanced functions. To earn a Qualtrics Certificate participants are required to attend both Getting Started and Beyond the Basics, and complete a project in each course.

The second in the two-part series, in this workshop we will dive deeper in the Qualtrics advanced functions. Participants will learn how to use skip, display, branch logics, and question randomization. Through hands-on exercises, participants will develop advanced surveys and practice customizing surveys using piped text and embedded data.

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Survey Design Basics (2 hrs)

In two hours, learn how to design surveys and craft survey questions.

Everyone has taken surveys, but do you know what makes a good design? A good survey design is often overlooked until it is too late. A bad design could lead to invalid and unreliable data. This is even more important at a research institute. In this workshop whether you are a faculty or staff you will learn how to design a survey, create good questions and avoid the common design pitfalls.

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SPSS and SamplePower 3 (7 modules total)

In this practical self-paced training course, participants will learn how to use SPSS and SamplePower 3 software packages through practical application and hands-on exercises. This course does not teach Statistics, rather how to use SPSS Statistics and Sample Power 3 software to further research. A functional knowledge of graduate-level statistics is required.

Visit https://training.it.ufl.edu/training/items/spss-and-samplepower-3.html for more information

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R Programming Training (2 hrs for each module; 8 modules total)

This training is an introduction to the program language R. It consists of eight modules (one module per week). Participants will learn the commands allowing them to continue on their own. A completion of at least one Statistics course at the graduate level is a prerequisite.

Visit https://training.it.ufl.edu/training/items/r-programming-training-an-introduction-for-data-analysis-and-graphics.html for more information and to view the syllabus.

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