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Examples: 1/5 – 10am-noon; All Mondays 8am-5pm in March; 2-hour block between 8am and 5pm on a Tue or Thu before 3/5

Invite me to the outlook appointment(s).


Training room calendars are viewable through Outlook, search for @ AHC. All our training rooms have a projector attached to a teacher station.

   C3-13, Communicore Building (16 student computers)
   2149, UF Health North Tower (21 student computers)
   G-206, UF Health South Tower (24 student computers)*
   G-207, UF Health South Tower (24 student computers)*

* The South Tower rooms have restricted access. You must have access to these rooms to reserve them.

Multiple Rooms (If you chose more than one room above)
   I need more than one room.
   I don't have a preference which room(s) we reserve.

Software Needs (optional)

All our training rooms come equipped with Windows 7, Office 2016, and internet access. Please specify if you need a specific version of any software including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Adobe Acrobat. Also include any versions of add-ons such as Java.


* Custom software, such as MatLab, can be installed for the sessions if you provide us with the software and licenses. We need a minimum of a week's notice for any custom images. The computers are frozen and will forget any changes you make upon rebooting.

Testing (optional)
Will someone need to view/test the room before the date of the session?
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Questions/Comments (optional)

Reservations are not guaranteed until you receive our confirmation.

We will send you an email acknowledgement as soon as possible.

To contact us email or call (352) 273-5051.


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