Workshop Details
Title: Introduction to Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Forms
Provider: AHC Training - Jacksonville
Topic: Adobe Acrobat X - Jax
Duration: 3.0hrs
Audience: Beginner
Handout Link: Acrobat Basics Handout; Acrobat Forms Handout
Detailed Description: This is a combination class starting with basics and proceeding through forms. The full version of Adobe Acrobat can create PDF (Portable Document Format) files from programs such as Word and from scanned documents. Basic topics include inserting, deleting and optimizing pages; setting initial views; adding hyperlinks; and setting security options. Form can be created in Acrobat that are fillable on the computer. Form topics include creating and editing form fields, inserting basic calculations into a PDF file emailing the form, and retrieving information entered into the form by others.

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Scheduled Dates:
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