Workshop Details
Title: BioMart: a research data management tool for the biomedical sciences
Provider: HSC Library
Topic: Bioinformatics tools
Duration: 1.0hrs
Audience: Any UF
Handout Link:
Detailed Description: BioMart ( is a freely available open source system for research data management of the biomedical sciences. It allowsto perform complex queries across different databases- through a single web interface - located in distant geographical areas. Originally develop for the Ensembl genome browser, BioMart has been integrated into widely used software such as Galaxy, BioConductor, Cytoskape, etc. Its interface is also used by data portals such as Ensembl, Wormbase, Gramene, Reactome, etc. BioMart allows you to export gene data, retrieve sequences in batch, and convert database IDs, among other things.

Scheduled Dates:
There are no classes currently scheduled for this workshop...

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