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Title: 2. Creating Questionnaires/Evaluation Sessions
Provider: AHC- College Applications
Topic: New Innovations
Duration: 2.0hrs
Audience: All
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Detailed Description:

Creating questionnaires is the final step before being able to set up evaluations sessions.  You must prepare the appropriate questionnaires for the different types of evaluations.

- Faculty Evaluation of Resident/Fellow
- Resident Evaluation of Faculty/Program Director
- Resident evaluation of Rotation
- 360 Evaluations

  • Peer Evaluation
  • Administrative Evaluation of Resident/Fellow
  • Nurse Evaluation of Resident/Fellow
  • Patient Evaluation of Resident/fellow

- Annual Program Evaluation

Thing to bring with you to training:
Bring any questionnaires that you would like to add in New Innovations

Evaluation Session
Evaluations must be completed in New Innovations, per the request of the GME office.  There are two way to assign evaluations, by automatic matching and manual matching.  We will cover examples of each.  Additionally, we will review evaluations reports available through New Innovations.  The evaluations sessions module is one of the most complicated modules in New Innovations, proven by the fact that  93% of all support calls received by New Innovations are dealing with evaluations module.  In this training we want to instill an understanding of methodology of how evaluation sessions work within New Innovations

Personnel Data, Block Schedules, and Questionnaires must be completed and up to date prior to setting up evaluation sessions.


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