Workshop Details
Title: Bloodborne Pathogen and Biomedical Waste Training
Provider: AHC- Required Training
Topic: AHC Required Training
Duration: 1.0hrs
Audience: COM - New Housestaff
Handout Link:
Online Training Link: View
Detailed Description:

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is responsible for tracking the Bloodborne Pathogen Program’s (BBP) and Biomedical Waste (BMW) training.  Since this training must be site-specific, BBP and BMW training at another facility outside of UF, even Shands, does not substitute for the required training at the University of Florida. 

College of Medicine compliance
1. Go to

2. Select the orange "e-Learning in Sakai" button on the top left of the page

3. Login with your GatorLink Username and Password

4. Go to Bloodborne Pathogen and Biomedical Waste Training

College of Medicine Graduate Medical Education - Housestaff BBP/BMW Training link:

Contacts:  (352) 392-1591
     Karen Gillis, Biosafety Officer

     Gail Roser, Asst to Biosafety Officer

Scheduled Dates:
There are no classes currently scheduled for this workshop...

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