Workshop Details
Title: Adobe Photoshop CS5: Basics
Provider: AHC Training - Gainesville
Topic: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Duration: 3.0hrs
Audience: Beginner
Handout Link: Photoshop Basics Handout
Online Training Link: View

We are no longer accepting registrations for the Gainesville classes through this webpage. All future registrations should go through the myTraining site. If you sign up through this website, you will be placed on a waiting list until a staff member can move you into the new system.

Detailed Description:

The workshop will cover creating and manipulating basic graphics in Photoshop, and sorting and tagging in Bridge. Topics include an overview of common toolbar features, creating images using layers, and adding text to images. This workshop assumes no experience with Photoshop or Bridge, but requires a working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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Scheduled Dates:
There are no classes currently scheduled for this workshop...

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