Workshop Details
Title: 4. Procedure-Continuity Clinic Logs/Conference Module
Provider: AHC- College Applications
Topic: New Innovations
Duration: 2.0hrs
Audience: All
Handout Link:
Detailed Description:

Procedure Logs
For programs that do not enter their procedures directly into the ACGME site, New Innovations offers another solution to track procedures and continuity clinic logs.  This module requires a considerable amount of configuration if you wish to get meaningful reporting.  During this session we will discuss configuration of continuity clinic logs as well as procedure logs.

Thing to bring with you to training:
- CPT code as well as name of procedures that you would like to track
- ICD-9 codes and diagnosis for continuity clinics patients that you would like to track

New Innovation has a conference tracking module.  You can track speakers, upload the presentation, track attendance, and send out surveys from this module.  During this training session we will work through the set up and configuration for conferences module.

Block schedule must be complete for residents and faculty.


Scheduled Dates:
There are no classes currently scheduled for this workshop...

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