Workshop Details
Title: 1. Personnel Data/Block Schedule
Provider: AHC- College Applications
Topic: New Innovations
Duration: 2.0hrs
Audience: All
Handout Link:
Detailed Description: Personnel Data
Ensuring that the personnel data module within New Innovations is accurate and up to date is the first and curtail step for effective set up. We will review detailed instructions on ERAS imports, as well as required institutional demographic information for faculty, residents and fellows. Training will also be provided form Setting advancement of trainees moving on to another training program within the institution as well as tracking for all trainees that have completed your program. The Personnel data module can assist the program track and monitor several other components of their programs which will also be reviewed.

Block Schedules
The block schedule is the central data capture point driving all other modules within New Innovations. It is imperative that the block schedule be accurate and up to date. We will discuss two methods for entering and updating the block schedule.

All personnel data must be entered for incoming residents, current residents, faculty, program director, as well as anyone who would complete 360 evaluations (nurses, PAs, Administrative staff, etc…).

Thing to bring with you to training:

- If you have not already entered your trainee's for the upcoming year, please bring their complete application with you.
- Please survey all trainee's completing your program, and obtain the following information:

  • What will the trainee be doing after completing their training (Academic Position, Private Practice, another training program, or unknown)
  • Forwarding Address (Must have city and state, street address not required)
  • Specialty that they will be practicing or receiving additional training in.

- Resident block schedule
- Faculty Block Schedule


Scheduled Dates:
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